What Bill Ohm is Doing as State Representative

See Bill's Voting Record Bill voted for these policies:

Transformative Change

  • Passed a     constitutional amendment to require a supermajority in the House and Senate to     raise taxes or borrowing. (CACR 6)
  • For the first time     in NH history, that included more that 50 attempts in the legislature, the     House passed a constitutional amendment to expand local control of education     funding by returning authority to elected officials, not unelected judges. (CACR     12)

Setting an example for our citizens by “living within our means”

  • Passed a fiscally     responsible budget that, (1) was balanced by using realistic revenue figures;     (2) did not increase taxes or fees; (3) does not downshift onto local property     taxpayers; and (4) does not increase borrowing, setting New Hampshire on a     financially sustainable path will allow our economy to grow and create more     jobs. (HB 1 & 2)
  • Passed an education     funding formula that maintains existing levels of aid to communities and allows     additional targeted aid to needy cities and towns. (HB 337)
  • Passed a bill to     allow local communities to enact tax and spending caps. (HB 341)

Moving our economy forward, creating more jobs and putting out the “Open for Business sign” in New Hampshire once again.

  • Passed a small     business tax cut to protect reasonable compensation from the business profits     tax. (HB 557)
  • Passed a cigarette     tax reduction to make New Hampshire more competitive in the region and     enhancing cross‐border sales. (HB     156)
  • Passed legislation     eliminating a tax on gambling winnings that was costing the state revenue. (HB     229)
  • Passed a bill to     reduce electricity costs by repealing the state’s cap‐and‐trade     program. (HB 519)
  • Passed numerous     bills reducing regulations on business, which in turn will help to create more     jobs for
  • New     Hampshire workers. (HBs 26, 30, 95, 109, 117, 133, 136, 141, 142, 143, 155,     173, 230, 248, 262, 276, 289, 291, 322, 333, 381, 404, 441, 450, 488, 503, 540,     570, 617, 651)
  • Passed Right‐to‐Work     legislation to expand opportunities to attract employers to New Hampshire (HB     474)
  • Passed legislation     to create an innovation business job growth function in the New Hampshire     Business Finance Authority to promote venture capital and job growth throughout     the state. (HB 605)

Keeping New Hampshire safe for its citizens

  • Passed a bill to     expand the death penalty to cover those who commit murder during a home     invasion. (HB 147)
  • Passed a bill to     reform early release law to keep violent prisoners behind bars and restore     discretion to the parole board for those who re‐offend.     (HB 524)
  • Passed legislation     allowing law abiding New Hampshire residents to carry concealed weapons without     requiring a permit. (HB 330)
  • Passed a bill to     allow the Castle Doctrine which permits the use of deadly force in the     defense of oneself. (HB 210)

Returning transparency to NH state government

  • Passed a bill to     open up records of annulments of crimes. (HB 82)
  • Passed legislation     to post agency spending information on state website. (HB 331)
  • Passed a bill to     allow for the recording of law enforcement officers while working. (HB 145)
  • Passed a bill to     allow access to accident reports involving publicly owned vehicles. (HB 347)
  • Passed legislation     to have state government use open source software. (HB 418)

Reforming state government and changing the way we do business

  • Passed a bill to     overhaul the state’s lower court system. (HB 609)
  • Passed legislation     to move the state pension (HB 580) and retiree health plan (HB 231)     back toward  financial solvency.
  • Passed a     reorganization of state agencies to promote streamlining of functions and     easier access for our citizens. (HB 635)
  • Passed a bill to     enact a performance‐based measurement     system for state government. (HB 508)
  • Passed a bill to     consolidate the Racing and Gaming Commission into the Lottery Commission. (HB     348)
  • Passed legislation     prohibiting the use of preferences for race, sex, religion or sexual     preferences in state hiring. (HB 623)

Protecting the rights of New Hampshire parents

  • Passed legislation     to require parental notification prior to a minor having an abortion. (HB 329)
  • Passed a bill to     ensure that students are not forced to attend schools teaching material which     parents find objectionable. (HB 542)

Making education work for our parents and students

  • Passed a bill to     allow small schools more flexibility to develop staffing plans that meet their     students’ needs. (HB 290)
  • Passed legislation     to allow school to receive accreditation from the New England Association of     Schools and Colleges. (HB 130)
  • Passed a bill to     allow teachers to protect themselves and stop disruptive students from injuring     classmates. (HB 375)
  • Passed a bill to     allow schools more flexibility in transportation options in transporting     students. (HB 172)
  • Passed     legislation allowing charter schools to receive support for leased space. (HB     505)

 PDF of NH House Republican Alliance Legislative Agenda 

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