Bill Ohm, New Hampshire State Representative
Nashua Ward 9

Bill discusses what he heard from the voters 
Bill comments on Wall Street Journal re state politicians' pay

Bill writes editorial on creating a strong environment for job growth
Bill is fighting to reduce occupational licensing restrictions and get people back to work.

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Bill is rated "A+ by NH Families for Education

Bill is rated "A" by Americans for Prosperity

Bill testifies before the EPA on the high cost to taxpayers of prohibiting warm, clean water in the Merrimack River. 

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Bill responds to Wall Street Journal article on state politicians' pay
Read PDF of Bill's comments and the original article

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Creating a strong environment for job growth working

Bill Signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge


In a “The People’s View” interview, Bill discusses his service on the Ways and Means Committee and what he learned from voters. Bill outlines what he intends to accomplish. (Click image or text to go to YouTube video)

Bill votes for tax credits for education scholarship
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