Bill Ohm, New Hampshire State Representative
Nashua Ward 9

Bill Ohm's Positions, Principles and Biography

 Bill's Positions

Sales Tax
New Hampshire is famous for having no sales tax! It has distinguished itself by being living proof that no sales tax brings shoppers to New Hampshire and makes New Hampshire more competitive. It is an attractive, affordable tourist destination.  No sales tax is good for the residents and for visitors, and good for businesses in New Hampshire.

Income Tax
Income tax is an increasing concern not only for the Greatest Generation, but for Baby Boomers as more and more reach retirement age. Recent shocking deficits created by overspending by local and federal governments will burden our children and grandchildren for decades to come.

Income tax is the primary source of revenue for federal, state and local governments. With increasing demand for public services, the pressure to raise taxes is tremendous.

We all want the best for our families. We want excellent public services and benefits for all citizens -- good schools, hospitals, public safety, infrastructure and assistance for the unfortunate. New Hampshire can deliver these services by growing the private sector, increasing the proportion of revenues from business rather than taxing individuals' incomes.

Grow New Businesses,
Create New Jobs

New technologies have created whole new industries. The Internet made new markets for computer companies to create new types of hardware and software. Online retail sales are free of sales tax -- a natural fit for New Hampshire. Advances in medicine, materials science and other technological segments made the
industries for medical instrumentation and devices boom.

Bill Ohm knows technology. He knows business. He can create a business-friendly environment in New Hampshire. He has created private sector jobs. He can do it for New Hampshire.
 Bill's Bio
Bill Ohm is an accomplished business executive with more than thirty years of experience in high technology companies. He has managed teams of more than 100 employees. When Bill was the Vice President and General Manager of ADE Technologies, he created more than 30 new jobs and consistently delivered profits for over six years. He has proven he knows how to set priorities, manage budgets and complex programs to deliver value. These skills can help make New Hampshire's Wards 5, 8 and 9 be vibrant communities.
Bill contributes to his community his technical and people skills.  He actively participates in the Medical Reserve Corps, the Emergency Management Agency, and the Citizens Emergency Response Team. He sets up on-site ham radio stations to communicate with emergency responders. He works at outreach events to increase awareness of community service organizations. He is a Justice of the Peace, ham radio operator and member of the Nashua Elks.

Bill earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  His Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Harvard Business School enables him to use fiscal best practices to build successful companies and organizations.

Please help me win.

 Guiding Principles
  • Stop overspending
  • Manage budgets to balance them
  • Fiscal reform to minimize the deficit

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